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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much memory does LetterWise require?

LetterWise has been implemented with as little as 200 bytes available free RAM! More advanced implementations (e.g. more languages etc) use closer to 2kb, and the LetterWise code requires takes about 10k of ROM space on a typical architecture such as ARM.

The language database files for LetterWise have a variable size. A larger database gives a lower number of expected taps per correct letter. We have found that a 3K database is a good tradeoff in many cases. With a language database of that size, the expected taps per correct letter is usually around 1.2.

LetterWise is extremely memory efficient. We can pack the code and databases for ten languages into just 35K. Other text-entry solutions use twice this amount to support just a single language!

How much memory does WordWise require?

WordWise databases are also scalable. For English, around 75kb or more is recommended.

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